Our Story


A dream to ‘get more mamas moving’

This is the story of KISS ACTIVE and Anna, aka @bubs2bikinis

Anna, mama to identical twins Lachie and Sammy and a baby girl Madi, has big dreams and a goal to ‘get more mamas moving!’

As a breastfeeding mama Anna constantly faced a problem she knew so many other mamas were facing… she wanted to sweat but she wanted to wear comfortable, fashionable and functional activewear that inspired her, supported her and made breastfeeding her baby pre, during and post workout a breeze.

It was shortly after Anna gave birth to Madi that she found herself in the same situation she was in 2 years prior when breastfeeding her twin boys. It was a great case of dejavu… She was sitting on a park bench, awkwardly lifting her sports bra up to feed her ravenous baby. Anna’s first priority was to calm Madi, her second – to try and stay remotely covered up as hundreds of early morning fitness seekers walked, ran and rode past her.

That ‘here I am again awkwardly breastfeeding’ moment led Anna to realise she couldn’t do this for the term of her breastfeeding journey like she had done with Lachie and Sammy.. She’d had enough awkward ‘nip slips’ in the 14 months she spent breastfeeding twins so she searched high and low for a sports bra that would suit her needs.

When she couldn’t find the perfect piece – she knew other mamas must be facing this very same problem. She wondered how many mamas must be missing out on exercise because they were being held back by a lack of functional active wear that supported them on their breastfeeding journey.

So, Anna decided to design her own.

It was then that KISS ACTIVE was born. And it all started with a dream. A dream to ‘get more mamas moving!’